About Tonnja Kopp


Artist's Statement

I paint  as it liberates my soul. Trying to capture the sheer wonder and beauty of nature that surrounds me, fulfills my heart. I revel in the opportunity to express myself with colours and paint brush strokes. When I paint, I feel the ultimate sense of freedom –  losing track of time, letting my obligations and responsibilities subside. It's like diving into a parallel world and every time I return to the surface from my submersion, I feel invigorated, like I have done something special and important that widens my perspective.


I'm an artist based in Squamish, BC area who strives to provide beauty through art for all her patrons. I grew up in Switzerland where my experiences were distilled into a passion for art which has flourished in my new home in Canada. I describe my talent as a gift and here in Squamish I have found inspiration in the spectacular landscape and amazing wildlife of British Columbia. Bears have been my favourite animal since childhood and appear often in my work as the embodiment of the raw strength and contrasting tranquillity of nature. What I like most about painting is the possibility to combine my imagination with the accuracy of realism, while highlighting the beauty of nature in a novel perspective. My main medium is acrylic which I use on various materials like canvas, wood and mdf panels. I hope to expand knowledge and creative expertise across all endeavours.